When Your Girl Wants Kink

My sexy girlfriend is the best thing since sliced bread. She works for a London escorts agency. To be blunt, I count my blessings every day. I never thought that I would end up going out with a girl from a London escorts. In many ways, my girlfriend is my dream girl. But, there is one downside to our relationship. I have a very small dick and she claims I can’t satisfy her on penetration. What am I supposed to do? She has suggested that I buy a strap-on and use that to please her.

London Escorts And Orgasms

Most London escorts are very open-minded when it comes to sex toys. However, if you run into partnership problems, and have a hard time reaching an orgasm when your boyfriend has a small dick, you have to tread more carefully. It is no good look at the problem as just a “technical” issue, it becomes an emotional problem as well. But, having an orgasm is just as important to women as it is to men, so it is essential to satisfy your partner.

Where Do London Escorts Buy Sex Toys?

The best place to buy sex toys is online. If you are new to buying sex toys, you may just want to visit a store for the first time to see what they look like in “the flesh”. Once you have familiarised yourself with sex toys, buying sex toys online will save you both time and money. Make sure you always buy sex toys that carry the CE brand. This means that they have been declared save and meet the minium standard. This is something London escorts always check out when they invest in sex toys.

When Should You Use a Strap-On

Strap-ons are, according to London escorts, a very popular sex toy. It is one of the more versatile sex toys and can be used by both men and women. They are a great alternative to dildos when it comes to anal sex and any type of penetration. As always, you should make sure you clean it properly after use. Also, on top of that, it is important to invest in lube. That will make insertion both safer and more comfortable. Men who have smaller dicks often invest in strap-ons in order to satisfy their girlfriends and partners. Using a strap-on is not something that you should be ashamed about when it comes down to it. It has always been and remains, one of the most popular sex toys.

Do London escorts use strap-ons? Bisexual escorts often use sex toys of all kinds. Strap-ons are often part of any London escort’s sex toy arsenal. It is such a versatile sex toys and many argue that we should all have a strap-on in our bedside drawer. As a matter of fact, buying a strap-on is one of the best investments you can make when it comes to sex toys. It means you are ready for any kind of action – anal or vaginal.